CISO as a Service

SISO as a service

Strategic Information Security Officer

  • Advise senior management and boardroom on state of security and cyber risks with a focus on people, process and technology safeguards
  • Drive a long-term cybersecurity roadmap
  • Guide the organization’s experts on continuous, effective and efficient operations for cybersecurity

TISO as a service

Technical Information Security Officer

  • The assessment and labeling of your data
  • Identify and measure your risks according to the sensitivity of your data
  • Identification of the vulnerability according to the risk assessment
  • Provide recommendation to enhance the management of your data security

BISO as a service

Business Information Security Officer

  • Certification (ISO, PCI-DSS) and compliance (privacy, GDPR) support
  • Implementation of a normative framework [or management system] on information security (policies, processes and guides).
  • Supply chain risk identification and management